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Coastal California

📸 by @chrispoops

Story by Pure Cycles September 7th, 2017

Sometimes we forget just how big and beautiful this great state of ours really is. Wherever you call home in California, you're always just a quick spin away from breathtaking natural beauty, cosmopolitan super-cities, and everything in between.

And while we've been cooped up in the office, photographer and Pure Cycles rider Chris Poplawski (a.k.a. @chrispoops) has been riding through the Golden State, seeing the sights, and snapping some amazing shots.

Let's take a look at California through Chris' lens!


From the foggy city by the bay, it's a short spin across the Golden Gate to reach Mt. Tam, where the wilderness rises above the wildness of the city streets below. Before you know it, you're lost wandering foggy fire trails and seeing California the same way as the people that were here hundreds of years ago. California's coast is a time capsule, and there's no better time machine than a bike.


Keep heading North along the coast, and you'll reach Point Reyes National Seashore; a coastline so cool that the federal government decided it's worth protecting. Tunnels of cypress, fingers of forest rising through the fog, and a cement swing on the beach that looks like it was set up 100 years ago by industrial-era instagrammers.

Chris' photos here really capture the spirit of California. Old. Wild. And awesome.


It's a state we're proud to call home and HQ, and it's reminders like Chris' photos that inspire us to keep riding, exploring, and looking for even more Cali to celebrate.

Ride happy, and we'll see you out there.

Footnote: For more of Chris’ photos, check out his insta (@chrispoops). For more natural beauty, jump on your bike.
California, United States
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