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Love in the Big Apple

Story by Pure Cycles June 17th, 2015
Last time we saw our friend and photog Alen Palander, we were touring around Toronto. This time, Palander grabbed a couple of our bikes, a pair of close friends, and a DSLR to show us one of his favorite cities, New York. Alen rode all over NYC with good friends Alissa and Roon, the artistic husband and wife duo that he’s known for years.

Roon is a photographer who grew up in the mountains, and used to spend his time wandering the wilderness on his mountain bike. Alissa is a blogger and actress from NYC who always wanted a bike, but was initially too terrified to test the streets of the city that never sleeps. The two met when Roon made the move to New York for school and now they’re both completely in love with the city and each other.


Alissa and Roon picked up a pair of Pure Fix Originals (a Whiskey and a Tango) to help them explore the city, and ever since they’ve discovered a newfound love for the view from two-wheels. Alissa went from being intimidated by the ride, to a bike handling pro! She now flows fluidly with traffic, and has become as much a part of the fabric of the city as its countless yellow cabs or hot dog carts. While Roon hasn’t lost his passion for riding through nature, he now finds excitement on the asphalt and enjoys the added bonus of cruising the city with his soulmate.


We should all be lucky enough to share our passions with those who we are passionate about, to explore our universe with the ones who make it worth inhabiting. Alissa and Roon share in an aspirational affection and an inspirational infatuation that makes us thrilled to be a small part of their happiness.

Where do you ride with the one you love? Post a photo of you, your sweetheart, and your bikes out on a ride, tag it #purefixlove, and we’ll send the cutest couple some congratulatory swag!

Footnote: "It's so fun to be able to ride around the city that we love together and make adventures out of it!" - Alissa and Roon
New York, NY, United States
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