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Pure Amsterdam

Jeans, juice, and a journey through the cycling capital of the world.

Story by Pure Cycles April 24th, 2015

It’s hard to imagine a better day than one filled with friends, food, and a two-wheeled frolic through Amsterdam’s idyllic streets. Levi’s Commuter Series, Pure City, and thirteen of the best fashion writers in the world got together to ride bikes, explore the city, and test out some new denim.

The ladies who rocked the ride (and the gear).

The day began in Levis’ pop-up Academy for Advanced Jean-etics where we were treated to a delightful display of this year’s commuter line and a brief overview on what makes these darling duds so dear to riders.

DSC_3538 copy.jpg
DSC_3539 copy.jpg
DSC_3541 copy.jpg
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DSC_3549 copy.jpg

Outside, the bikes waited patiently for their new riders.

DSC_3533 copy.jpg
DSC_3588 copy.jpg
DSC_3566 copy.jpg

But first, a bit eat to eat. Fantastically fresh rice wraps and sumptuous sauces made the perfect light meal to start our day and ensured we’d have the energy for the ride ahead.

DSC_3574 copy.jpg
DSC_3589 copy.jpg
DSC_3569 copy.jpg
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DSC_3572 copy.jpg

After we ate, it was time to don some new duds! Everything fit beautifully (thanks again light lunch!) and even before getting on the bikes it was clear these clothes were a step-up in the comfort department. High waists, stretchy fabrics, and water-proof, we were ready for anything Amsterdam could throw our way!

DSC_3591 copy.jpg
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And then everyone grabbed a bike. Once we started rolling, it became nearly impossible to take a picture that didn’t have someone smiling in it. Bikes are practically smile machines - it’s hard not to feel like a kid again as you float along.

DSC_3605 copy.jpg
DSC_3621 copy.jpg
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And we were off! The plan was a casual cruise of 17km (10.5 miles for the imperial set) around the city with a few stops for sights, snaps, and snacks. The smiles were still contagious.

DSC_3655 copy.jpg
DSC_3657 copy.jpg
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DSC_3684 kl.jpg
Bridges, bricks, boats (and lots of stuff that didn’t start with the letter ‘b’) made the kilometers pass quickly as there was a new beautiful sight around every corner.

DSC_3699 copy.jpg
DSC_3717 copy.jpg
DSC_3706 copy.jpg
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DSC_3721 copy.jpg
DSC_3731 copy.jpg
Riding through tunnels is a treat as the city noises drift away and the walls’ echoes make it sound like a cocktail party is rolling through. Then, when you hit the other side, the city’s sounds once again unfold and you get the sensation that you’re waking from a dream.
DSC_3735 copy.jpg
DSC_3736 copy.jpg
DSC_3737 copy.jpg
DSC_3781 copy.jpg
DSC_3778 copy.jpg
DSC_3785 copy.jpg
DSC_3783 copy.jpg

The Rijksmuseum and the Amsterdam Science park are a perfect place to take a rest (and snap some selfies).

DSC_3762 copy.jpg
DSC_3759 copy.jpg
DSC_3761 copy.jpg
DSC_3758 copy.jpg
DSC_3752 copy.jpg
DSC_3741 copy.jpg
DSC_3753 copy.jpg
We grabbed some welcome refreshments at Roots. Fresh cold-pressed juices and organic sweets pushed our spirits even higher.
DSC_3820 copy.jpg
DSC_3810 copy.jpg
DSC_3816 copy.jpg
DSC_3813 copy.jpg
DSC_3825 copy.jpg

The sun had set while we snacked, but the cool night air made the little riding we had left even more pleasant.

DSC_3885 copy.jpg
DSC_3888 copy.jpg
DSC_3891 copy.jpg
DSC_3899 copy.jpg
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Like all good things, the day had to come to an end. Fortunately, like all great things, it came to an end with drinks! Swapping stories, smiles, and sipping sweet cocktails was the perfect way to wrap up our incredible evening. Can we do this every week?

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Footnote: Huge thanks to @levis_nl ride, @buzzorama, @frankthetank_ftycfor, @edijspauls, @spicepr, @brooksnederland, & @sarahreinhoudt for making it all possible!
Amsterdam, Netherlands