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Rocking and Rolling

Story by Pure Cycles June 8th, 2015

From thrashin’ on guitar to mashin’ on pedals, heavy metal music and fixed-gear bikes go together like pizza and ranch dressing; not exactly mainstream and against some people’s “rules”, but it tastes amazing and freaks out the “squares”. Both exist in the surreal realm of subculture - where passion trumps popularity, the real tops the refined, and if you’re not having a good time, you’re not doing it right.

We caught up with Mastodon at the Palladium to deliver their new bikes, check out the tour bus, and catch a show that was so face-meltingly awesome we were all legally required to get new driver’s license photos and there were plastic surgeons on stand-by to help the most affected audience members put the pieces back in the right place.

The Grammy-nominated dudes are on tour with their new album, Once More Round the Sun, and we were lucky to have Bradley Meinz with us to capture the day on camera.

After the show, we grabbed some drinks with the guys, chatted about everything from bikes to the music biz, and waited for our hearing to return to weekday levels.

And you can imagine our surprise when we turned on Game of Thrones last weekend and saw the men of Mastadon playing wildlings! Take that Mr. Humphreys who said tattoos, a beard, and long hair would make me unhireable - these guys can’t even get a day off!

All in all, it was an amazing day for music, bikes, and beards. Mastodon’s world tour is running through September, so if you get a chance to catch them near you, do it! And, if you see some vikings riding around on Pure Fix bikes, say “hey” - it’s probably a world famous band!

Footnote: Special thanks to the men of Mastodon for rocking so hard and Bradley Meinz (@bradleymeinz) for shooting such great photos.
Hollywood Palladium, Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, United States